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Coffee Trivet Set - Natural


Being coffee lovers, the Coffee Trivet Set is our ode to the humble morning ritual. This trivet set features a recessed platform, designed to perfectly hold your favorite pour over set, highlighting the experience. Accommodates the 8 Cup Chemex, Hario v60, Kalita Wave, and many other common pour over carafe sizes while the top trivet separates to create a hot pad for your kettle.


Firm, heavy weight, full-grain Natural Veg Tan leather from Thoroughbred Tannery in Louisville, KY USA

Handcrafted in Kansas City, Kansas USA

Made to order and ships within 1-2 weeks


Approximately 5.50" in diameter

Note: This item is cut from a side of full grain leather. Although we make sure to use the best leather we can when producing our products there will likely be small imperfections, markings, and color gradients. These are hallmarks of real leather and give the product its unique character.

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