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Botanopia Plant Stakes Set (4)


Looking for a beautiful trellis? We created four fun plant support designs for your indoor and outdoor plants. These metal plant stakes are modern, stylish and functional additions to your home.

Meet Arch, Pin, Squiqqle and ZigZag, our set of four gold plant stakes. Perfect for in pots that are 30cm (11 in)  high or more. These 70cm (27 in) tall plant stakes need to find their footing in enough soil for best stability. Your larger plants like a monstera will love climbing up these, we’ve even included some plant velcro to help your plants wrap around their supports.

All four designs are made of recycled aluminum and made in Slovenia (the EU). Created for a variety of plants, adding an elegant touch of shine to each of your leafy friends. Fit for indoor and outdoor use.

Are these plant supports too big for your plants? Have a look at our mini plant stakes, available in black or gold.

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