Our Process
Expertly crafted materials are a beautiful thing. We source our materials from high quality manufacturers and then handcraft our items in our workshop in Kansas City, Kansas USA. We pursue "overbuilding" our products to create tested, hardworking items that are in it for the long haul and we believe in sharing our process with you so you know exactly who made your item, where it was made, and what it is made from. When we use words like handcrafted, we want you know what we mean.

Handcrafted in Kansas City, Kansas USA
For us, handcrafted means using processes that ensure quality throughout the construction of the product. Specifically, we hand stitch all our small leather goods, incorporating age old stitching methods and using traditional leather crafting tools. We employ the use of heavy duty machine stitching in the construction of our larger pieces like bags. 

Our Materials:
We pursue quality and transparency in everything we do. To us, this means using the right materials from reputable sources. Because we are suckers for history and a good story, we prefer trusted domestic leather tanneries and textile mills. 

We source our leathers from tanneries located on Midwest river towns where the boom of agricultural and industrial activity necessitated their existence to provide a durable product. Currently, our main line of products created from leather come from Thoroughbred, a historic tannery located in Louisville, Kentucky USA. We believe they are on the cutting edge with providing quality, ethically produced full grain leather.

We use one type of leather: first quality, full grain, vegetable tanned leather direct from tanneries. 
Vegetable tanning is an age-old process of introducing natural fibers found in plant species called tannins to slowly condition the leather over the process of one month to several months. 

Our canvas products are from the Martexin line of water repellent fabrics, namely their original duck waxed canvas. This original line of waxed canvas has been a staple in durable work wear since the inception of the fabric in 1838.

Our denim products come from reputable mills located in Japan and USA.