-Where do you source your leather from?

We source our leathers from Midwestern US tanneries. Currently, we carry leather from Hermann Oak, Horween, and Thoroughbred for our brand line of products. 

-Where do you source your canvas from?

We source our canvas from the historic Fairfield Textile in New Jersey. This textile company has been in the business for many years and creates an incredible, durable canvas.

-Where do you source your denim from?

We source our selvedge denim from Pacific Blue Denims, a distributor who sources from reputable mills in the USA, Turkey, Italy, Japan, and China

-Who makes your products?

Currently, we are a team of two people. Almost all of our products are made by either Ryan or Jordan. We contract work for our bags through a skilled sewer, who we work closely with in our factory workshop in Kansas City, Missouri.

-Do you do custom work?

Because of the vast amount of variance in outcomes regarding custom work, we cannot accept any custom jobs at this time.

-Do you do wholesale or private label?

Yes! Please use the Contact form to drop us a note about working together.

-Are you hiring or accepting interns?

We are not looking to hire anyone in the near future, but we are always looking for dedicated people wanting to learn valuable skills through an internship or apprenticeship. You can send your inquiries to: info@foxtrotsupply.com.

-More questions?

Email us at info@foxtrotsupply.com or use the contact form to drop us a note and we will get back to you.