One of our first artists that we partnered with for Garden House is Earthen Vessel, a creative lifestyle brand created by Jami Clark here in Kansas City. 

When you visit our shop, you'll find a number of handcrafted jewelry, curated home wares, found objects, vintage apparel, artwork and more that is gathered by Jami and presented in our space. 

Visit her website here.

About her brand, in her words:

"I create... designs that capture the elegance and beauty of organic and geometric shapes. Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted by me, and no two are ever exactly alike. That’s the beauty of natural materials.

I gather...  vintage and curated objects that I find to be lovely, unique, and well made. I offer these with the hope you may find something special that adds value to your home and lifestyle.

I share...  about my  journey as I’m learning to cultivate a life and home with purpose through writing ideas, tips and everyday moments. I hope that you feel seen, understood, and encouraged here, as we are on this adventure together. 

My desire is to integrate design, intention and grace in all aspects of  life and I hope my work inspires and invites you to do the same."